• Kitchen Renovation
  • Entry and Color Scheme Update

Amazing custom kitchen and entry renovation.

“We cannot recommend Steve Deleon and his crew enough! Steve was able to come in right at our budget, and was even able to help us find ways to cut back in certain areas and put more towards where we needed to focus on. His entire crew would show up on time, and always cleaned up after themselves when finished for the day. Steve communicated with us each day throughout the process letting us know next steps and what to expect so we knew each step of the way and wouldn’t be taken off guard by anything.
The end product of our kitchen remodel, as well as our paint work throughout came out even better than I had hoped. I appreciated his creativity and experience and the suggestions he made as we planned out the work and it all turned out so well. Those that have seen it have asked who did the work and would want Steve to do their remodels for them when they’re ready!”
– From the Home Owner